Stop Letting Your Competiton Take All The Clients

When a potential client makes a search online for your service in Noble Park and the surrounding suburbs, are they finding your business, or someone else?

Ensuring that your website is at the top of the search results for the search terms that are most relevant to your company is not only very important but also a difficult and complex task.

When SEO is done right your business will benefit from more leads and more clients. But, if done wrong your business website can be penalised and buried into the deep depths of Google, never to be found.

You don’t want to risk that happening and you don’t have the time and experience to get it right. This is where Rank Higher SEO comes in. We know Local SEO inside and out and work to get small businesses like yours ranking high in Google so they can generate more income.

We Deliver Results And Give You A Return On Your Investment

We are readily equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skill set needed to carry your business website on an upward trajectory through Google on a budget that works for you.

SEO shouldn’t be an expense, it should be an investment into your business that gives a positive return and results that last. That’s what we strive to achieve for every client that comes to us for help.

With our affordable SEO services, you get the experience and expertise needed to bring targeted traffic to your business website.

The search terms targeted for your business are researched to bring people who are ready to pay for your services right now. We want to be 100% sure that you aren’t spending money on something that won’t give you value in return.

We want you to get the most value out of our SEO services as possible so we go a bit beyond regular SEO companies. Your competitors are researched to see where they’re finding success online, if we see anything we will let you know about it so you’re not missing out. We will even go as far as redesigning your whole website free of charge if we think it will help you convert more visitors into paying customers

We understand the vital role the Internet plays for businesses and will help you improve your whole online presence so you’re ranking higher in Google and gaining more business.

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    What We Do As The Best SEO Agency in Noble Park

    The 1st step in any project is to evaluate your needs and goals. Once we have a clear picture of your needs and goals we then look under the hood of your website and research your online presence to see where it currently stands.

    The next step is to build a list of keywords (search terms) we’re going to target that will convert into more business for you. Finding the right search terms requires gathering a large list of keywords, researching which ones your clients are typing into Google when they want to pay for your services, checking the level of competition on those keywords, and looking at how many searches those keywords get monthly.

    Once we have a solid list of keywords that we all agree will help grow your business we can get started. On-site SEO is the first thing we dive into. Improving the technical side of your website is the first on-site SEO we perform, things such as improving your website’s page speed, checking its mobile-friendliness, and fixing any errors are all part of getting your website up to date with the latest webmaster standards.

    The second part of your on-site SEO is focusing on your content (text), and meta tags. Your content needs to provide value to the user who is visiting the page, not be too short, it must contain the right keywords, be optimised to convert the visitor into a paying customer, and be unique.

    Once the on-site optimisation is complete we notify Google that changes have been made to your site. This saves waiting for them to eventually look at your site to find the changes. We wait a couple of weeks to see the effects the on-site optimisation has had and then we can gauge how much off-site optimisation is needed to push you the rest of the way to number 1.

    Off-site optimisation is the most time-consuming process in SEO. It involves a number of factors that differ from site to site. We won’t go over all of them but we will share the ones that we generally apply to most websites.

    One of the first things to look at is the current link profile of the website, this involves looking at who is linking to your website. If any spam links are found they must be dealt with to avoid any sort of Google penalty. Another thing to look at is making sure all the information about your business on other websites such as online business directories and social accounts is all up to date and correct, for example, if you have different open hours listed across the web Google won’t trust your business as much and in turn can rank it lower.

    We also work on submitting your website to relevant online directories, optimising your social media accounts, checking and building your online reviews, and building high-quality, relevant links to your website.

    Building high-quality links to your website is what makes off-site SEO so time-consuming, it can’t be rushed or Google will notice the sudden spike in links to your website, this will look unnatural and they can penalise your website (if you have been penalised let us know and we can help).

    Once our on-site and off-site SEO efforts are complete we look at how your rankings are growing, and if there is anyone still in front of you on the search results page. If there are any competitors who are ranking ahead of you at this point, we will look deeper into them and focus on doing everything they have done but better. For example, we make the site faster than theirs, build better links than theirs, have longer and higher quality content on the page than them… This goes on until Google looks over both websites and notices the difference. They then update the search results to show to the better website first.

    If you read through all that I hope you have a rough understanding of what we do to get your website outranking your competition. We could go into much greater detail on what is done but that’s a bit too much for the scope of this page. You’ll see first hand when you choose Rank Higher SEO as your professional SEO agency and watch your rankings overtake your competitors.

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      42% of Google searches include a location. These are people searching for goods or services in their local area.

      Local searches have become so common that Google has been customizing their search results page for local searches to provide a better user experience. For example, the ‘Google Places’ box below is one of the first things you see when doing a local search such as ‘Melbourne Plumber’.

      Screen shot of a google places box

      Because local searches are different to normal google searches the SEO efforts are also different.

      With most people going to Google when looking for a product or service the benefits of being found first on local searches are massive.


      Our services are billed monthly. We don’t push our clients into a long term contract. If you aren’t satisfied you can leave whenever you want. We aren’t here to lock you into a burdensome contract, we’re here to grow your business.

      SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization‘. It’s the process of optimizing your website so that it naturally/ organically ranks higher on the search results page.

      Today just about everyone “Google’s it” when they are looking for a product or service. 92% of those people don’t look past the first page.

      Think of a search term your customers would type into Google if they were looking for your product or service. Now imagine your site is the first link they see on that search. You can rank number 1 for that search term and many others you might not even know your customers are searching for.

      The process of optimizing a website to the point where Google decide you’re the number one choice for its users on certain searches is constantly changing. When SEO first started there were only a few factors Google took into consideration when deciding who to rank number 1 on the search results page. Now there are over 200 which include on-site optimizations such as page speed and mobile usability and off-site optimizations such as who is linking to your website and online reviews.

      The amount of work needed differs depending on the search terms being targeted, the age of your website, and the current state of your website.

      If you get our free SEO audit we’ll all be on the same page as to what’s needed to get your business to the top of the search results.

      Our pricing is very competitive. Alternatively, if for whatever reason you don’t want the free SEO audit, you can call us on 0434 254 771 or email for a free quote.

      On average it normally only takes about 2-6 months. It all depends on the current state of your website, your level of keyword competition, and the age of your website. Here is a great post if you want to read further into how long it can take.

      When done right SEO is an investment into your business that generates profit for years to follow. It’s cost effective marketing that lasts longer than other forms of online marketing and converts at the highest rate.

      If you’re not investing in local SEO you’re loosing money to your competition every day.

      Search Engine Optimisation is what gets your website in the top spot on Googles search results page for competitive search terms.

      This puts you in front of the tens, hundreds, or thousands of people searching for your services. These aren’t just people who will see you and move onto something else. These people are at the point where they’re actively looking for your service and are ready to pay.

      Remember, SEO is an investment into your business. Unlike other forms of advertising that end when you stop paying, SEO lasts a long time.

      With the new digital age taking over, more and more businesses are taking advantage of SEO.