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Appearing on the front page of Google when people in Cranbourne and the surrounding suburbs search for your services means more business for you and less for your competition.

The need to be found in local searches on Google (and Google maps) has become key in online marketing for local businesses, and it’s gaining an impressive track record for returning real, tangible benefits to any company that invests in it; some of these benefits include:

  • Traffic Increase: As your rankings in Google rise you get a steady increase of new visitors who need your services and are ready to pay for it.
  • Credibility And Trust: If you’re in the top position in Google you stand out as the best in your field. You’re the first to show up so you must be better than the rest.
  • Return On Investment: Search Engine Optimisation differs from other forms of advertising. It’s more of an investment into your business. With other forms of advertising when you stop paying, the ads stop running. The SEO efforts we put in last.

Our local SEO services don’t just cover Cranbourne. If you want to reach out further to suburbs such as Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, or anywhere else in the City of Casey and beyond we can do it.

You Need A Quality Cranbourne SEO Company

One thing many businesses don’t know until it’s too late is that when SEO is done wrong you can actually get penalized by Google. When this happens your website will be on the last page of the search results.

Google has a complex algorithm they use on each web page to decide where it should show in their search results. A lot of SEO companies try to trick this algorithm into ranking websites number 1 and ultimately get those websites penalized.

There is no quick win in SEO. Hard work and time need to be spent following best practices laid out by Google. This is how you get a website ranking high and stay there.

If your website has been penalized by Google let us know and we can help.

Rank Higher SEO do things right the first time so your small business grows with the power of Search Engine Optimisation, we provide the best SEO services in Cranbourne.

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    Our SEO Process

    1. First, we need to research what search terms are going to convert the best for your business. You might already have some in mind. Once we know them we can start the work on getting your website to rank on them.
    2. Second, we optimise your website so it follows Google’s best web standards. Your site will end up faster, error-free, and be an overall better experience for the visitor. Typically if you have an older site it’s easier to build you a new modern one (this is free of charge). Any changes to the design of your site are approved by you beforehand.
    3. Next, we optimise the content (text) on your website. This includes writing web pages that convert visitors into customers, having enough text to let Google know the page will provide value to the visitor, and having the keywords in the right places.
    4. Once the on-site optimisation is done we focus on off-site SEO. Certain parts of this can’t be rushed and will vary depending on what business you run. Generally, across all websites, there are common things that are always done such as checking for any bad quality links to the website, building good quality links to the website, optimising social media accounts, optimising your google places listing, and checking all information on your business online (in directories etc..) is up to date and correct.

    Our SEO process can vary from site to site depending on the level of competition your business has and what sort of business you run. The 4 points above gives you a rough idea of what our process involves.


    If you have an idea of what SEO is then Local SEO won’t be hard for you to grasp.

    Local SEO is SEO geared toward local searches. These are searches that normally have a location in them e.g. ‘carpenter Cranbourne’.

    The one main difference to note between Local SEO compared to normal SEO is that local searches have a ‘Google Places’ box on them

    Cranbourne Google Places Box Example

    This box can show between 1 and 5 local businesses offering the services you’re after. To view more services you need to click ‘More places’.

    Because the number of people who don’t view more and just choose the top 3 businesses displayed is so high you want to be in that top 3 zone to not miss out.


    Our services are billed monthly. We don’t push our clients into a long term contract. If you aren’t satisfied you can leave whenever you want. We aren’t here to lock you into a burdensome contract, we’re here to grow your business.

    Unfortunately, there is no set time for SEO. SEO done directly to your website can get some rankings improvements relatively quickly but SEO done in other places such as building links to your website can take 2-3 weeks to be noticed by Google.

    To get the final results you want it can take anywhere from 1 weeks to 6 months or more.

    SEO gets your business found. Other forms of advertising can be a hit and a miss, you could show an ad to 1,000 people but if none of them is interested in your services at that point in time you’ve lost your money. SEO brings people that are looking for the exact services you’re offering and they are willing to pay.

    Like other SEO companies, we charge a monthly set fee. This is because it can take months to get your website in the desired position you seek.

    The amount we charge is different for every client. Every industry has different levels of competition on the search results page. This means it takes different levels of work to rank each website number 1.

    For a quote or more info on our affordable SEO services call us today on 0434 254 771.

    SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. With SEO, steps are taken to improve the quality of your website and its online presence so that it ranks higher in Google.

    For Google to decide what web pages to show on a particular search result and in what order they have a very complex algorithm. There are 200+ factors that make up this algorithm such as website speed, quality of information on the website, and who is linking to the website.

    These ranking factors are always changing and evolving. You need to be overall better than your competition in these 200+ ranking factors to rank higher than them in the search results.


    You have a business to run. You don’t have the time to build an effective online presence. Contact us today and get your no obligation, free SEO keyword research report to take your first step in growing your business with a professional SEO agency that specialises in SEO for small businesses.

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