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84% of people search online when looking for a product or service. If you’re not getting found online you’re missing out.

When you’re found online you get more business. It’s as simple as that.

To get in front of those searching for your services online in Dandenong and the surrounding suburbs you need to be ranking high on Google. Google is the search engine everyone uses when looking for anything online. The businesses that realize this reap the rewards.

To be ranking high on Google you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the process of optimising your business website and overall online presence to the point where Google considers you the top choice for people searching for your services.

The main problem Business owners have when looking at the steep SEO learning curve is that they don’t have the time, experience, and know-how to learn and implement a solid SEO strategy that will get their website outranking their competitors, and get their business generating more profits.

We Help Your Business Make More Money

You get a professional SEO company that will get you ranking high on Google when you choose Rank Higher SEO. But we do more than that:

  • Your site is optimised so the new visitors you get aren’t turning around and leaving at first sight.
  • Your search terms are researched thoroughly so time isn’t spent going for search terms targeting people who aren’t ready to pay for your service.
  • Your website is revamped to follow all Google’s webmaster best practices. If you have an older site we’ll build you a new modern one for free (any changes are approved by you beforehand).
  • Your online reputation is looked over so your customers aren’t slipping through your fingers.
  • You get an affordable SEO company that does all its work in-house, unlike others that outsource the work for cheap.
  • Your competitors are analyzed so we can find what’s working for them online and incorporate it into your online strategy.

You get an SEO agency focused on giving the best possible return on your investment into SEO.

A website shouldn’t be costing you money; it should be making you money.

The best investment you can make online is our SEO local services.

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    You Get Results

    Ranking high in Google from our SEO services is great but the end goal is to ultimately to gain more clients and get a profit. Otherwise, it may not be regarded as a worthy investment.

    Your market is researched by us to figure out exactly what your clients are searching for. We don’t go for easy search terms just to check some boxes and say we did it. You rank for search terms that people enter into Google when they need your services at that very point in time (most SEO companies don’t take the extra time to find you real, targeted traffic).

    We also take the time to make sure the funnel between finding you and becoming your client is as easy and as smooth as possible so you get the most out of our SEO efforts.

    As a supreme SEO company in Dandenong, we want only happy customers that benefit from our services. We won’t start your SEO plan unless we believe you’ll get a profit on your investment.

    At the end of the day, you need results. With Rank Higher SEO you get them.

    Fill out the form below to get started. Worse case scenario is you end up with a $100 SEO keyword research report for free.


      Local SEO is the same as normal SEO but with the addition of optimising your Google Places listing.

      A Google Places listing is a box that appears near the top of the search results and displays 1-5 local businesses related to the search.

      Dandenong Google Places Box example

      Because the Google Places box displaces a limited number of results until you click to view more, you want to be at the top of the Google Places listings.


      Our services are billed monthly. We don’t push our clients into a long term contract. If you aren’t satisfied you can leave whenever you want. We aren’t here to lock you into a burdensome contract, we’re here to grow your business.

      The old-school advertising methods such as Yellow Pages are outdated. Everyone has the internet in their pocket. Even the older generations are Googling to find local services more and more. You won’t be found by a large portion of people looking for your services if you aren’t ranking high on Google.

      Normally after our On-Site SEO phase (first couple of weeks), you see a jump in your rankings fairly quickly. From here we focus on Off-Site SEO. This is what makes SEO take time. Not only can it not be rushed or you risk getting a penalty from Google but you have to wait for Google to crawl the internet and find the Off-Site SEO efforts that have been made.

      Our affordable SEO service pricing varies from client to client. This is because there are so many different variables with each client such as current SEO efforts, the level of competition, and the number of search terms you’re after.

      We will need to look at these factors before we can give you a quote on how much our services will cost monthly.

      For more information or for a quote give us a call on 0434 254 771.

      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) exists because of the sheer amount of people searching online when looking for a product or service. Business owners noticed that there were a lot of people looking for them on search engines (mainly Google).

      They wanted those people searching online to find their business and not their competitors. The way to to this is to make your website and online presence better than everyone else in your industry.

      But this is no simple task. Google check every website with over 200 factors. Whicher website and brand is the best gets the top spot. SEO is the practice of getting your website better than your competitors on those 200 factors so you get all the targeted traffic coming to your website.


      You have a business to run. You don’t have the time to build an effective online presence. Contact us today and get your no obligation, free keyword research report to take your first step in growing your business with an SEO firm that are experts in their field.

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