What Business Doesn’t Want More Clients?

Most people use google.com to find the product or service they’re looking for. By finding this page you’re likely one of them.

Once they ‘Google it’ they only look at the top 3-5 results when deciding who to choose. If your business isn’t in front of them on that search results page then you’re missing out.

Sadly these are the hard facts. With today’s technology, no one goes over to the Yellow Pages book when they have the internet right there on their phone.

The longer your business isn’t ranking the more money you lose to your competition.

You probably don’t have the time or know-how to get your website ranking high on Google. That’s why you need a professional SEO company to take care of it while you focus on running your business.

You Need The Best SEO Company In Frankston, Seaford & Beyond

We will make your website work for you, as we take pride in being the top SEO company in Frankston.

We spend time understanding your business and its current online presence to build the best possible SEO strategy.

We don’t use cheap tricks or gimmicks to try and rank you high on Google’s search results pages. We use best practices and proven strategies that will get you ranking in Google and staying there.

You get a dedicated team that actively works to get you the best possible ROI.

Would you rather 500 people visit your website with only 1% turning over into customers or 200 with 10% turning over into customers? We target the people who are actually interested in your business and are at the point of paying for it.

Request your free keyword research now to get started.

    Our SEO Services

    Our way of doing Search Engine Optimisation for small businesses is more involved than what you get from other local SEO agencies. We offer more than just ranking you for certain search terms. We make sure our affordable services go one step further.

    • If your website is outdated we’ll improve it or build you a new one to follow all the current web standards.
    • We research your major competitors and incorporate anything that brings them success online into your business online.
    • We research what your potential customers are searching for when looking for your services online.
    • Your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter are looked over to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.
    • The content (text) on your website is optimised by our team to convert as many visitors as possible into paying customers.
    • We look at your online reputation from reviews to what people are saying on social media and we build your online reputation up accordingly.

    When you go with Rank Higher SEO your overall online presence is improved along with your Google search result rankings.


    Local SEO targets local clients. These are search terms such as ‘service location’ e.g. ‘electrician Frankston’.

    Local SEO varies slightly from normal SEO with the introduction of Google Places listings in the search results. If you search for ‘Frankston Layer’ you will see the Google Places box appear near the top of the page. Normally it shows the top 3 results unless you click to view more.

    local google maps for frankston lawyers

    This box is listed above the ‘organic’ search results. So it makes sense to want to be in the top 3 results of the Google Places listing to be displayed to those searching for your services.


    Our services are billed monthly. We don’t push our clients into a long term contract. If you aren’t satisfied you can leave whenever you want. We aren’t here to lock you into a burdensome contract, we’re here to grow your business.

    How many potential customers are searching for your services on Google? How many other advertising methods are there that bring ready to pay customers that are seeking your services to you? Not many…

    You can try other advertising methods such as Facebook but how do you know if the person you are reaching needs your services at that point in time?

    For example, a person going to Google and searching for ‘Solar Panels Quote Frankston’ is looking for a quote on solar panels, the top results on that search just got noticed by a person who needs them right now. That same person saw a Solar panel ad on Facebook 2 weeks earlier but scrolled straight past, barely even noticing the ad or the company behind it becaue they weren’t interested at the time.

    You will start to see results with the first 2-4 weeks. This doesn’t mean you will be ranking number 1 in 2-4 weeks, it can take weeks or months to be ranking in the top spot on Google depending on how competitive your competition is with their SEO efforts.

    We charge our clients the agreed amount at the end of each month’s work. Our competitive prices vary from client to client due to the varying amount of work needed to rank high in different industries and locations.

    For a quote on your website call us on 0434 254 771. We will look at your website, talk about what search terms you want to go for, and see how strong your competition are on those search terms to give you an accurate quote.

    Google wants their searchers to get the most relevant results and have a good experience on the website they click through to. Because of this Google has a list of factors they look at when deciding what website is the most relevant for a particular search and will provide the best experience.

    Factors such as website speed, website errors, website design etc.. are all things Google look at when deciding if your website is going to provide a good experience for the web searcher.

    In addition to on-site factors, this Google also looks at your online presence such as who is linking to your website or talking about you on social media, and what reviews you might have etc.. to get an idea of how trusted and popular your brand is.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves getting your website to a level above all your competition on Google’s ranking factors so that Google sees your website as the best choice on certain searches.


    When you’re running a business you don’t have time to build an effective online presence. Contact us today and get your no obligation, free keyword research to take your first step in growing your business with an expert local SEO firm.

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