Rank Higher SEO is an SEO agency that provides affordable SEO services for small businesses within Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

With years of SEO experience, I know what it takes to get my clients ranking high on the search results pages as you’ll find out further down.

I strive to make all my client’s profit from our SEO services by getting them found online and increasing their conversion rates, so they have more business generated from those searching for their goods or service online.

I give my clients complete transparency. You have the option to be kept up to date however you want with what I’m doing and the results you’re getting. You can choose weekly calls, or maybe you want an email a fortnight, or just a monthly report.

No corners are cut. I do things the right way to get my clients results that last well after they no longer need my SEO services.

About Robert O’Connor – CEO

Rob in the Navy

When Rob turned 17 he joined the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronic Warfare Sailor. He loved it but wanted more freedom. In his spare time he learnt how to build websites and saved up his pennies so he could become self-employed and move on from the Navy.

The Journey to SEO Expert Began

Once Rob left the Navy he was making an income from building websites, ranking them high in Google, and selling them to buyers.

He moved onto website flipping. This is kind of like flipping a house or a car. You buy a website that is ranking low for cheap, fix it up so it’s sitting at the top the search results page and sell it for a profit.

Rob did this for 3 years. He knew everything needed to get a website ranking number 1 and made a living from it.

CEO of Rank Higher SEO

Over time he heard too many horror stories when talking to website owners about SEO agencies over promising and under delivering, not communicating, overcharging, and getting Google penalties.

Rob knew he could do better so he stopped buying and selling websites and gave birth to Rank Higher SEO.

Rank Higher SEO In A Nutshell

SEO Services done the right way.

Rank Higher SEO was formed because other SEO agencies weren’t providing a good enough service for Melbourne businesses.

I am here to change things.


You shouldn’t pay for SEO unless it is going to give you a positive return. Don’t let other SEO agencies tell you otherwise.


My clients can call me anytime and speak to a real person to address any questions or concerns they have.


SEO can take time but you shouldn’t be waiting around forever to see small changes. I know what it takes to get you results.

SEO For Businesses Within Melbourne And The Surrounding Suburbs.

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We’re Here To Help Your Rankings Blast Off!

Through Hard Work, Experience & Sheer Determnation