I’ve seen paid lists and lists based on how well an SEO company rank their own website which seems like a smart idea but in reality has many flaws (think about the SEO agencies that don’t target many search terms or ones that generate clients from other methods such as word of mouth, facebook advertising or direct marketing..).

I thought I would make a list focusing on the top Melbourne SEO firms that provide local SEO to Melbourne businesses.

This list was originally going to be a top 10 but after all my research I just couldn’t find 10 Melbourne SEO agencies that were credible enough to be added to the list.

Now to be completely transparent I will add a disclaimer and say Rank Higher SEO an SEO agency that specialises in Local SEO for Melbourne businesses so obviously¬†it is going to be on the list ūüėČ.

What I looked out for:

  • Positive reviews that didn’t show signs of being paid for or fake
  • Make sure the owner and employees are located in Melbourne
  • Make sure I couldn’t find evidence that they were going¬†to outsource your work to a sub-par Indian SEO agency.
  • Make sure they do local SEO and its at an affordable price.
  • Results of their past clients

After a lot of research finding every Melbourne SEO company I could, I cut out the ones that I wasn’t confident adding to the list and then polished it down¬†the 5¬†listed below.

Top Local SEO Companies Melbourne:

  1. Rank Higher SEO
  2. MacZin
  3. Optimising
  4. TopRankings
  5. Platinum SEO Services

Note: I haven’t used any of the other agencies SEO services. This is all based on information I gathered online.

Rank Higher SEO

Run by me, Robert O’Connor. You can read all about Rank Higher SEO and me on the home and about pages.


MacZin is an all-round digital Marketing agency.

MacZin is managed by¬†Mitul Zinzuwadiya (I guess that’s where the ‘zin’ in MacZin comes from). I initially thought the person on the homepage of the website was the person behind MacZin but looking deeper it turns out¬†Mitul Zinzuwadiya isn’t this guy.

maczin website screenshot


That’s¬†alright, I managed to find his profile on LinkedIn to confirm he is a person from Melbourne.

MacZin is a younger SEO firm that has nothing but positive reviews from what appears to be real clients.


Optimising was founded by James Richardson. You can read about him and the team at optimising on their about page.

Optimising is also a digital marketing agency providing Local SEO services and other digital marketing services.

They have been in operation for nearly 10 years and their reviews appear real (yes some SEO companies pay for fake 5-star reviews).


TopRankings is a 10-year-old SEO firm owned by Noam Judah.

Top rankings focus more on SEO than being an all-round marketing agency like Optimising and MacZin.

I can’t find anything shady or questionable about their business or their practices so they are on this list.

You can find TopRankings reviews by doing a simple Google search ‘TopRankings reviews’.

Platinum SEO Services

Platinum SEO is owned by Ghan Bavadiya.

Platinum SEO appears to have positive reviews from genuine clients. Although I did find that they have a Facebook review from one of their own employees Bige Yilmaz (as stated on LinkedIn), having employees leave reviews on your business is a little unethical and not allowed on most review platforms but its your decision on how you want to take it.

Personally to me this raises slight red flags but compared to other Melbourne Local SEO marketing agencies they appeared to be one of the cleanest so they made the list.

Platinum SEO focuses mainly on SEO and also manages Adwords accounts.

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