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You’re a small or medium-sized business owner in Melbourne providing products or services. You want to grow your business, you want more quality customers with less of the hassle.

You want to glide up the rankings and stay at the top. 

You’re fed up watching the competition enjoy the champagne lifestyle at the big Top Of Page One Party. They’re schmoozing and toasting their own success.

You dress up and try to get in. The Google bouncer asks you for the current 200+ secrets for top rankings…

…and if you don’t know the answer…you ain’t getting in.


You’re not invited.

Google hates you.

And it’s making you MAD!

Those top rankers have all the best clients…clients that should be YOURS, spending money that DEFINITELY should be yours.

You are missing out….BIG TIME.

But what if it were different?

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You wake up and see yourself proudly at the top of the search engines.

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We are Rank Higher SEO, an SEO provider in Melbourne that will take you to the summit of Google’s search results.

When you work with me, I take your business by the hand, lead you past the worry of bad SEO and website blunders…

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I’m going to implement my SEO strategies and website secrets that will get you more customers and clear the path to your business dream.

When it comes to SEO in Melbourne, my services are tough to compete with.

For a business looking to grow, this is the key to the kingdom.

We are the best SEO Agency in Melbourne.

Start With A Free Keyword Research Report

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    We got top of the first page results and Rob was a pleasure to work with –

    Customer Focused SEO Process


    I take the time to talk to you and learn exactly what you want. I then research your business to find the search terms that will deliver more clients.


    Time to look at where you currently stand on the search results page, as well as comparing your online presence to your keyword competitors.

    3. ON-SITE SEO

    Now I can get to work optimising your website to have bigger conversions, better content, and faster page speeds among other things to top your competitors.


    Here’s where I build up your overall online presence to show Google you’re more important than everyone else on the search results.

    5. RESULTS

    You climb the rankings and see more and more targeted traffic reaching your business website and converting into customers. You then see the proof of why we provide Melbourne’s greatest SEO services.

    Guaranteed Rankings Increase In The First Month

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    As a Melbourne-based SEO expert, I will begin increasing your rankings within the first month.

    If not, You don’t pay a thing. Nothing lost. Risk-free SEO.

    You aren’t locked into any contracts so you’re free to leave. That’s how confident I am.

    All you have to do to get started is fill out the form.

    Worst case scenario? You end up with a free keyword research report for your business made yours truly.

    Advance To The Top Of Google With Someone You Can Trust

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      Rank Higher SEO’s Here To Help Your Rankings Blast Off!

      Through Hard Work, Experience & Sheer Determination

      About Rank Higher SEO

      CEO of Rank Higher SEO

      Rank Higher SEO is a Melbourne based local SEO company owned and operated by me, Robert O’Connor.

      I started my career in the Royal Australian Navy later moving on to become an entrepreneur, buying underperforming websites, building them up with SEO and other marketing tactics to sell them for a profit.

      I’ve moved on from flipping websites and started Rank Higher SEO to provide Melbourne small & medium businesses with the SEO services they deserve.